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The DE VERE 504DS digital enlarger brings digital life to your darkroom.

The DE VERE 504DS digital enlarger is supplied ready to use, allowing you to create expose both colour and B&W prints from digital files onto standard photographic material.

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The complete solution:

  • 17 Megapixel LCD Panel
  • Precision Enlarger Column
  • Front of Baseboard Controls
  • Power Supply
  • 50mm Rodenstock Lens
  • PC System with DS Software

Choice of two light sources:

  • DigiLite Tungsten
  • LED Technology


Digital in the Darkroom

Photographic paper is a low-cost media that is generally accepted to produce the best quality results.

The DE VERE 504DS creates a "virtual negative" of your digital files which can be projected, sized and exposed onto photographic paper and then processed in the normal way - just like a real negative!

The DE VERE 504DS chassis allows printing in all sizes up to 20x24 inches (50cm x 60cm). However the degree of enlargement possible depends on the resolution of the input file.

The DE VERE 504DS operating system is extremely simple to use, allowing image adjustments to be made before printing.

Orders can be entered and stored ready to be printed when required and the system can be controlled either within the darkroom or remotely via an additional workstation.

The versatility of being able to easily and effortlessly print different sizes one after another offers cost-effective digital flexibility not previously available.

DigiLite Tungsten Light Source

The DigiLite head uses a standard 24-volt 250-watt lamp and is operated via a shutter to give constant light over a long period of time.

Specifically formulated RGB filters are operated by a new express action buffer control for maximum speed output.

The filtered efficient lightbox transmits the filtered light through the LCD in exact combination with the three emulsion layers.

The DigiLite is fixed and only uses one lightbox for all magnifications to give the greatest consistency.

A switchable constant voltage power supply is included as part of the system.

LED Light Source

The LED light source uses the latest LED technology to give fast exposure times for both colour and black & white. The Unit is compact, silent and totally vibration-free.

LCD Digital Negative Panel

Incorporating the patented spread-optic for absolute evenness, the 17 megapixel LCD panel produces red, green and blue layered images to build the fullest exposure via the DE VERE 504DS software operating software.

This works in conjunction with the LED or DigiLite head to give the correct exposing light. The panel gives an average of 300 dpi printing resolution, is maintenance-free and is extremely long lasting.


The workstation is built around a powerful Windows XP computer that runs the DE VERE 504DS operating software.

Images can be entered via many different means, i.e. film scanner, CD, Flashcard, networking, etc.

Images can be sorted in an order queue, adjusted as required ready for printing. The image to be printed is then downloaded, the exposure entered and printed via the exposure control of the enlarger.

The machine can be networked with other workstations outside the darkroom.


DE VERE 504DS operating software specifically designed for operating the enlarger system to give simplified operation and ease of use.

Darkroom Control

Neat switching unit on flexible lead for easy location in the darkroom. Contains switches for focusing light, exposure and monitor. This controls all functions of the enlarger, once the image has been downloaded.

Black & White

The enlarger when fitted with the DigiLite tungsten head is ideally suited for producing black & white prints as normal enlarging light is used.

All standard black & white materials such as Multigrade, fibre etc. can be exposed as normal. The enlarging system gives infinite control of grading and contrast as never before.

Roll Easel

Roll easels can be linked into the system that gives serial printing of single and multiple images. Once the system is set for exposure, it operates automatically.

Low Maintenance

Maintenance and service costs are minimal with the DE VERE 504DS solution.


Specially configured software can be tailored to your requirements e.g. packages, schools, calendars etc.

Control Software: DE VERE 504DS Operating Software
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP
Media Drives: DVD/CD-ROM, Card Readers, Set-up scanner
Column Height: 1300mm (53")
Height: 1600mm (65")
Width: 600mm (24")
Supply Voltage: 120-240 VAC
Power: 350W

Customer Reviews

“Fabulous machine.”
Michael Canizares, Precision Photos, New York City.

“We would be lost without it.”
Phillip Dean, Avalon Laboratory, Hants. U.K.

“DE VERE working great. Lots of excitement about it in the B & W photo community..”
Lee Dubois, San Miguel Photo Lab, Las Vegas, New Mexico.

“A dream for me, the ideal combination between analogue and digital.”
Kees Rietveld, Holland.

“Fantastic machine fits our requirements perfectly. Great value for money.”
Nicholas Gentilly, Genie Labs, London U.K.

“Extremely versatile piece of equipment, merging new and existing technology.”
Dick Kaemena, Positive e Images, London U.K.