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504 DS refurbished enlarger

NEW STOCK JUST IN – Colenta 22″ RA4 processor – Ilford 2240 B & W processor – Richard sinks – Marrutt Rotary doors

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Direct supplies of warranted refurbished equipment from the original manufacturer

Our guarantee is our reputation, 60 years of producing darkroom photographic equipment and still producing, means we can back up every enlarger with parts, spares, service and advice.

A team of original De Vere engineers make sure your equipment is as good as new when delivered to you. We can also supply most other equipment needed for a ‘wet’ darkroom with back up service.

We can still produce new De Vere enlargers of the 500 series and in the last five years, have developed the only ‘digital’ enlarger, the 504DS, able to produce colour and B & W prints from digital files on to traditional photo papers.


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